Cosmosent "Company"

Cosmosent Labs, Inc.

California C Corp, incorporated in March of 2015

7514 Girard Avenue
Suite 1179
La Jolla, CA 92037

Twitter: Photosets@PhotosetsCamera

(Mostly our Founder & CEO, Steven W.)

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FYI, every Senior Technical Member of Cosmosent Labs, Inc., a California C Corp, has a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, & most had 10+ years of Chip Design & Verification experience PRIOR to transitioning into App Dev in early-Sept of 2014.


Auto Division


FYI, in addition to our Auto Division efforts, we're now working concurrently on nine things:

i.) Live Action Sports

ii.) Capturing & Collecting custom AI/ML Training Data

(for use with our custom Domain/Application/Use Case-specific AI/ML models)

iii.) Turning Female Dynamic Photo Modeling into a Live Action Sport

iv.) Our recently-announced "Spatial" R&D Project

v.) Contributing to the EU's Digital Markets App (DMA) efforts

vi.) Our own (i.e., third-party) App Store

(with its own third-party Rate & Review infrastructure)

vii.) Our innovative Shoreline Quadpod

viii.) Our first-ever Photosets Marketing & Branding Campaign

ix.) Photosets' first-ever LE / Military feature & capability



Important Note
for top-tier VCs & potential Corp Partners:

What we're up-to & what we're pursuing is different than ALL other App Developers.

At least those we know about.

We did NOT design & develop Photosets for capturing & collecting (custom) AI/ML Training Data.

It's just something we figured-out that it specializes-in earlier this year.

We are extremely well-positioned for the pivot from Static to Dynamic Content.

Also, & very importantly, we've divided Photosets into two versions, a Base / App Store version & our In House version.

With the ONLY difference between the two being the Capture Durations, up-to 25 photos/set with the Base vs up-to 75 photos/set with our In House.

And here we're referring to the app's High-Performance, High-Precision (Timing) Burst Photo Capture Engine, which is based-upon a different Apple Camera Framework than what Apple uses for their native Camera App.

Simply put, our In House version supports alot more Applications/Use-Cases.

And, very importantly, it produces Neutral-looking Photos, vs the (ISP-processed) Fusion-based Photos produced by Apple's native Camera App & ALL other third-party Camera Apps.

The significance of that should NOT be under-estimated by anyone in the AI/ML Training Data field !

See the relevant tables below & on our Home Page.



BREAKING NEWS : 11:30 AM Thursday, Sept 28, 2023

FYI, yesterday's rumor that OpenAI's Sam Altman is joining forces with Jony Ive & Softbank's Masayoshi Son to build an "AI gadget" is the Catalyst we've been waiting for !

Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince top-tier VCs that your way ahead of the curve when you've got NO Name Recognition & your innovative product hasn't yet gained traction ?

Well, that ALL changes starting today !

Altman, Ive, & Masayoshi Son will put some much needed visibility on an important topic that has been Off the Radar of most but should NOT have been !

You can think of Photosets simply as a Tool, that enables "knowledgeable" Consumers to participate "as a Producer" in the AI market.

Specifically, capturing & collecting (custom) AI/ML Training Data.

It's different than what Altman, Ive, & Masayoshi Son are up to, but similar in that it's on the Consumer-side, instead of on the Company-side, where ALL the AI News has been the past 9+ months.

And BTW, we did NOT design & develop the app for capturing & collecting (custom) AI/ML Training Data.

It's just something we figured-out that Photosets specializes in earlier this year.

Also BTW, if you're a top-tier VC, we know what we have & its "true" value.

So rather than waste your time & ours, if you're NOT serious, please don't inquire.

Those sufficiently Skilled in the Art should see the Opportunity we've carved-out for ourselves, as well as for "knowledgeable" Consumers.

The rest of you will need to wait until it becomes Common Knowledge.

The (AI/ML) BIG Picture,
what others have told you is a Lie !

... OR perhaps they just didn't know ANY better.

(table last updated 7 AM Sun, Oct 1, 2023


When ?












Near Future



(1) "knowledgeable" Consumers ONLY.