Cosmosent "Company"

FYI, every single Technical Member of Cosmosent Labs, Inc., a California C Corp, has a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, & had 10+ years of Chip Design & Verification experience PRIOR to transitioning into App Dev in early-Sept of 2014.

It is the Backgrounds & Perseverance of the App Dev Team that has made Photosets what it is today !

Which is what precisely ?

A rare, true UN-Discovered Gem (Burst Photo Camera) App !

And, the first on the planet with an integrated short-scene Video Maker !

A combination of which NO other Company OR App Developer offers you !

Ok, but what's the benefit ?

It enables anybody to make innovative short-scene Videos, up-to two minutes in duration, with up-to "60" independent Video Scenes, where each scene is crafted from a High-Quality Burst Photo Set, captured by Photosets with High-Precision !

And, the app's recently-perfected Concurrent Audio Capture & All-important A/V Synchronizer adds an extremely special twist !

Is this typical for a Burst Photo Camera App ?

NO, it's NOT !

We have NO competition in what we offer !

Our new Marketing Slogan describes it best:

Photosets for Video Production