Cosmosent "Photosets TV"

FYI, a new update of Photosets TV is Available !

It's v1.0 / Build #66, & requires macOS v11.3.


Key Notes:

1.) Remote Shutter currently ONLY works with Photosets' "Single Tap Shutter" option.

Specifically, if using Photosets TV as a Multi View Capture (MVC) "master," the Single Tap Shutter switch MUST be set to ON on ALL iPhones & iPads participating in the MVC networking session.

2.) If using Photosets TV as an MVC "master," we highly-recommend you "freshly" launching the app, BEFORE transitioning ANY of the MVC "slaves" into their Camera, which is when their MVC activity is Kicked Off.

3.) MVC works well when using your mobile devices "Personal Hotspot" support.

4.) Please see the Multi View Capture section of our Home page, for lots of additional details.


Photosets TV v1.0

Multi View Capture (Master)
Burst Photo Set Media Player

(Build #66)

Requires macOS 11.3 (i.e., Big Sur v11.3) OR newer.

Simply Tap the App Icon (below) to Download the App.

Please note that Photosets TV has been "Notarized" by Apple.

You will see a pop-up Dialog confirming this either when you Download the App, OR when you launch the App for the first time.