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BREAKING NEWS for 12 Noon (La Jolla, CA-time) Sunday, October 14th

FYI, we're now working on our own version of Google's Top Shot ... we just saw Google's probable first-ever Top Shot TV commercial during the Chargers @ Browns game, & WOW, it's NOT that far off from what Photosets "ALREADY OFFERS" ! ... in fact, Photosets has them beat on a number of levels.

So, on Friday Facebook annnounces 3D Photos (see our News webpage), & today we get a first taste of Google's Top Shot feature in Action.

Both are EXTREMELY well-aligned with what Photosets "ALREADY OFFERS" ! ... so, we're aligning Photosets existing related features with 3D Photos & Top Shot (even further) ... and we're doing so "for Marketing Purposes" ! ... the iOS App Store has NOT worked out for Photosets ... jumping on the Facebook & Google bandwagon is our best current alternative option.


FYI, today Saturday, October 13th, we began porting Photosets' HSPX Decoder to our Photosets TV macOS app, & should have that completed in the next few days ... in the meantime, feel free to download & check out the current version.

Download: Photosets TV (for Mac) v1.2

Timmy v1.8 Screenshots

(updated ~12:30 PM Fri, Oct 12)

1.) Consider this prep for AAPL's next Earnings Announcement on November 1st.

2.) To-date, AAPL has NOT promoted a single app, native OR third-party, that showcases "the benefit" of having 4 GB of DRAM in the iPhone XS & XS Max ... this is reflected in the results for both of those new iPhones.

3.) We believe there is a 50% chance that AAPL announces a Single Lens Version of the iPhone XS on OR before Oct 18th, priced @ $899 USD ... and if that happens, we believe there is a 50% chance they call it the Next-Generation iPhone XSE ... and, if AAPL makes such an announcement, we believe (at least) one-third of those considering an iPhone XR will choose the XSE.

6:30 PM (La Jolla, CA-time) update for Friday, October 12th

FYI, NOT ONLY will Photosets v4.17 include support for the two new UN-released iPad Pros with FaceID that we ALL expect AAPL to announce later this month, but we've ALSO Enhanced the Full-Res 12 Mpx photo capture support for ALL six iPhones & iPads with 4 GB of DRAM ... specifically, with v4.17 you'll be able to capture up-to "45" Full-Res 12 Mpx photos per photoset @ 30 fps !

That's even better than GoPro's fancy new flagship action camera, the $400 USD Hero7 Black !

10:30 AM (La Jolla, CA-time) update for Friday, October 12th

FYI, here is a Head's Up on the What's New description for Photosets v4.17 :

Added support for Facebook's recently-announced "3D Photos" ! ... if you're using Photosets on an iPhone 7+, 8+, XS, or XS Max, simply navigate to the camera's brand-new Focus #2 feature !

8 PM (La Jolla, CA-time) update for Thursday, October 11th

FYI, earlier today Facebook announced an interesting (presentation) twist to Focus / Portrait Mode that has caught our attention ... they call it "3D Photos," & it is something that Photosets either already supports (via the Focus #1 "Embed" option) on the iPhone 7+, 8+, XS, & XS Max, OR could soon support.

We're fairly sure they are referring to Still Photos with Depth Data Maps embedded into each photo's metadata, & NOT Burst Photos with Depth Data Maps embedded into each photo's metadata, as implemented by Photosets.

The difference between the two is Resolution, both for the RGB content, & for the Depth Data Map content.

We're going to investigate Facebook's announcement further, & may use it as the catalyst to change OR add-to Photosets' existing Focus implementation ... which BTW, is something we've been discussing Internally for weeks now.

Very specifically, Photosets is a High-Res / High-Speed Burst Camera in ALL modes except for one, the Focus #1 mode, which is limited by the iPhone hardware.

For weeks now, we've been looking to either swap that out for a Burst Camera-oriented Still Image implementation, OR to add a 2nd implementation (that's what the existing Focus #2 "placeholder" is for) ... Facebook's announcement earlier today appears to have given us the motivation to now do so.

As it currently stands, we're now looking to Piggyback ALL our Marketing efforts on Facebook's 3D Photos.

We just wanted everyone to know ALL this.

Photosets v4.18 ?

Camera Mode


Depth Data Maps

Focus #1

(Back Dual)

1440 x 1080

@ 24-30 fps

320 x 240

@ 24-30 fps

Focus #2

(Back Dual)

4032 x 3024

@ 3 fps ?

768 x 576

@ 3 fps ?

Focus #3


3088 x 2320

@ 3 fps ?

640 x 480

@ 3 fps ?

12 Noon (La Jolla, CA-time) update for Wednesday, October 10th

Today we simply want to point out that we cannot submit Timmy v1.8 to AAPL App Review until Oct 26th, the "official" release day of the iPhone XR.

This is simply because Timmy v1.8 includes market sales projections for the iPhone XR.

We will, however, have updated Numbers up on our website later today, AFTER we've completed our Google Pixel 3 family analysis.

6 PM (La Jolla, CA-time) update for Tuesday, October 9th

FYI, we're currently working on Photosets v4.16, which "could" become Available for Download later this week.

v4.16 will include Refinements & Bug Fixes for ALL supported devices, plus Enhancements for the iPhone X & XR.