Cosmosent "News"

9 AM (San Diego-time) update for Sunday, July 8th

FYI, our decision to bring-back the FREE Trial option is strictly based-upon our desire to promote the new v4.0 "streaming" capabilities (i.e., the streaming of burst photo photosets from Photosets running on your iPhone AND/OR iPad, to Photosets TV (for Mac) running on your Mac).

See the "what's new" description for Photosets v4.0 for an overview of the Photosets TV & Multi-View Capture features, two mobile industry-Unique Flagship-caliber features !

10 AM (San Diego-time) update for Saturday, July 7th

FYI, today we Kicked-Off the 2nd Phase of our company, which we refer to as our "Product Marketing" phase.

9 PM (San Diego-time) update for Friday, July 6th

FYI, today we cleaned-up the website, & moved 99% of the content Offline.

We've got BIG things brewing (that now requires us to present a Clean Slate) !