Cosmosent "Critics Corner"

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The difference between the Orange line & the Burgundy line represents (our estimate of) the high-end iPhone revenue Apple left on the table.

i.e., due to intentionally neglecting & suppressing NOT just Photosets, but ALSO the entire Burst Photo Camera App "category".

As a reminder, the 2016 iPhone 7+ was Apple's first-ever true High-Perf iPhone.



It's time for the App Store to become a Utility.

Ideally, there would be ten of them, with NO more than one in ANY one state.

And what we mean by that, is each one will be run by a State OR group of States, & where each App Store (Utility) is accessible by everyone here in the States.

The intent is to create "App Discovery" competition, which simply does NOT exist today.

Our justification for such a change is simple.

It's simply NOT OK for Apple to "cheat" high-end iPhone owners, AAPL shareholders, its cellular service provider Corp Partners & their shareholders, out of their respective "benefits" of a Camera App "category," simply because Apple had been Leapfrogged in that category.

i.e., the Burst Photo Camera App category.

And by Leapfrogged, we mean WRT both Technology & Applications/Use-Case support.

And very specifically, if they didn't have a Monopoly, they would NOT have been able to get away with it !

And for those of you who don't know, we estimate Apple left $113B USD of high-end iPhone revenue on the table since the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+, Apple's first true high-perf iPhone.

See the graph on our App Store Critics Corner webpage.

The difference between the Orange line & the Burgundy line represents (our estimate of) the Coin Apple left on the table.

Certainly NOT Trump change !



Important Note:

Apple's form of Deferred Photo Processing is very-likely derived from Photosets' form of Deferred Photo Processing, & there is NO overlap.

i.e., each is based-upon a different Apple Camera Framework.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, on Sept 12th Apple will very-likely (surprisingly) did NOT announce their updated iOS 17-based Burst mode feature, itself based-upon Deferred Photo Processing.



BREAKING NEWS : 9 AM Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

FYI, today it hit us that Photosets already supports a form of Deferred Photo Processing !

Specifically, with its High-Performance, High-Precision (Timing) Burst Photo Capture Engine.

And, has done so since the 2015 iPhone 6s !

When Apple announces their Next-Gen iPhone "15" family on Sept 12th, they will ALSO very-likely announce their upgraded iOS 17-based Burst mode feature, which is based-upon Deferred Photo Processing.

We've been adding our own custom implementation of Apple's iOS 17 Deferred Photo Processing to Photosets' Alt. Burst Photo Capture Engine.

ALL the while UN-aware that we already had support for a form of it in Photosets' primary Capture Engine.

We simply just never looked at it that way, until today.

On Sept 12th, you should expect to see a Dog & Pony show with lots of Smoke & Mirrors.

And although we're referring to a different Capture Engine (than what Apple will be referring to), please note that we were there first !

And as far back as 2015.

And as such, we believe it's fair to claim that Apple has "cheated" high-end iPhone owners out of "the benefits" of Deferred Photo Processing since 2015.

i.e., Higher Performance & Higher Precision (Timing) Capture.

Thanks to Tim, Phil, & Matt, for giving us more Ammo (i.e., another relevant Data Point) as to why Apple's tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store (Monopoly) MUST be Broken Up.