Cosmosent "Critics Corner"

FYI, after seven years of struggling to get Photosets off the ground in Tim Cook's tightly-controlled, "curated" App Store, on Wed, Sept 14th, 2022, we think we figured it ALL out.

The gist, Photosets has "two" (distinct) Total Addressable Markets (TAMs).

One "inside" Apple's App Store of UN-known size, but very-likely very small, & another one "outside" of Apple's App Store, that we know is much, much Bigger.

In fact, one that we estimate to be at-least 300M ("Pro" IAP sales) in size.

Our challenge now is to convince Lawmakers here in the States of what we believe to be true.

Our goal is to get ownership of the first third-party App Store here in the States.

Which we will populate with Photosets, Photosets TV/Studio, & our per-Qtr, per-Device iPhone Unit Sales Estimator App, Timmy.

Our Perspective & Strategy for Photosets

App Store


Base version of Photosets

"Pro Sub"







Our Own





(1) UN-known size, but very-likely very small.

(2) When our App Store goes live, we will Drop the "Pro" IAP from Apple's App Store.

Click on the graph to view its 4K Res version.