Cosmosent "Critics Corner"

Link to Apple's (proposed) Settlement Agreement

1.) We mailed-off two copies of our Settlement Objection document to the Court ~11 AM Monday, March 21st.

2.) We intend to speak in Court on June 7th !


Does Apple have a Duty & Responsibility to Recommend & Promote
the Best Apps in their "curated" iOS App Store

That's the first thing we'll Ask the Court on June 7th.

If the Court says NO, that's more Ammo for our cause.

i.e., that Apple needs "App Discovery" competition.

If the Court says YES, then we'll claim & prove to the Court that Apple has been in violation of their Duty & Responsibility.

Either way, we win !


Burst Photo App History Timeline:

Dark Ages: late-2013 (i.e., when Apple acquired SnappyCam) thru June 6th, 2022 !

Renaissance Period: starts on June 7th, 2022 :) !

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, June 7th is when App Devs like us who have Objected to Apple's $100M Settlement Agreement get to Speak in Court to help make their case.

And BTW, we refer to the current period as the Dark Ages simply because ever since acquiring SnappyCam in late-2013, Apple has never once, to our knowledge, Recommended OR Promoted ANY third-party Burst Photo Camera Apps, even though one, Photosets, has been a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Apple has NO "App Discovery" competition.

And it is for that reason primarily that third-party App Stores are absolutely needed !

Make NO mistake, without third-party "App Discovery" competition, App Store consumers will (continue to) be stuck in the Dark Ages !


When was the last time Apple Recommended OR Promoted a third-party Burst Photo Camera App ?

We do NOT know the answer to that question.

We suspect it was SnappyCam just-before Apple acquired it in late-2013.

We are UN-aware of Apple recommending OR promoting ANY third-party Burst Photo Camera Apps since then !

Photosets has been a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+ !

Yet has received NO love from Apple in their "curated" iOS App Store.

Why ?

i.) We openly criticized Phil Schiller's first major decision when he took over the App Store.

It was related to Ratings Requests, & it gave older apps an UN-fair advantage over newer apps.

Our objections to Phil's change have played-out exactly as we had stated.

As a reminder, Phil has NO software development experience & NO experience running a third-party Mobile Apps software development company.

Yet, Tim thinks it's OK for Phil to run the App Store.

Go Figure !

ii.) Our discovery of what we refer to as Phil's Bug.

Specifically, the A11/A12 Performance Controller Chip Bug.

iii.) Trump-level Insecurity on the part of Apple.

Apple acquires a popular third-party Burst Photo Camera App, SnappyCam, in late-2013,
& then does nothing with it.

As was subsequently Leapfrogged in both Burst Photo Technology & Applications by us with Photosets.


From our News Archive:

News Update : 9 AM Friday, May 13th, 2022

FYI, between now & June 7th, when we Speak in Court in Oakland regarding Apple's (proposed) $100M USD Settlement Agreement, we've decided to raise awareness of the A11/A12 Performance Controller Chip Bug, which we simply refer to as Phil's Bug, after Phil Schiller, the guy who runs Apple's App Store, & who we believe is 100% responsible for it !

Very specifically, Apple could have used Photosets to discover the Bug, just like we did, but clearly didn't !

Some background:

A10 & older A-series chips do NOT have the Bug, A13 & newer A-series chips do NOT have the Bug.

Photosets first-became a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App on the A10 (i.e., 2016 iPhone 7+).

It was on the 7+'s A10 that we first perfected Photosets' High-Performance, "High-Precision" Burst Photo Capture Engine.

Link to Details on Phil's Bug