Cosmosent "Critics Corner"

FYI, today, Sunday, Dec 5th, we're using this webpage as a Placeholder for our Amicus Brief, which is now back on.

And BTW, it's yesterday's Google search for "Burst Photo App" that convinced us to pivot back.

Make NO mistake, we can use the search results as Key Evidence in our Legal Argument.

Our main Argument is that because Apple has NO "App Discovery" competition, they have been able to Fully Control the Narrative, & that includes suppressing third-party App Innovation.

Case in point, Photosets, as well as our Timmy app, the planet's ONLY iPhone Unit Sales Estimator App (which Apple pulled from their App Store on Sept 9th, 2019).

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Apple acquired the App Developer behind the SnappyCam app in late-2013, & then did nothing with the Technology OR the Application.

And was subsequently Leapfrogged by us.

Specifically, Photosets has been a Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+, Apple's first-ever High-Performance iPhone.

Yet, to-date, Photosets received NO love from Apple in their "curated" iOS App Store.

From our perspective, it is Crystal Clear that Apple's App Store Mgmt has Trump-level insecurity.

Nothing else would explain it to us, OR perhaps there is one other reason.

Since the release of the iPhone 7+, we estimate Apple has lost out on at-least $15B USD in additional iPhone revenue, by NOT recommending OR promoting Photosets.

Specifically, we estimate Apple would have sold 3M more of their highest-end iPhones per year, each of the last five years, if they had recommended OR promoted Photosets.

That's NOT Trump Change !

Our Custom "iPhone Unit Sales" Graph

As you can clearly see from the Graph, there has been little to NO iPhone Unit Sales "growth" since the 2015 6s & 6s+.

(click on it to view the 4K Res version)

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Photosets has rare ability to generate Enthusiasm for Apple's highest-end iPhones.

There are NO other such NON-Game Apps in the App Store.

ONLY an UN-Discovered Flagship-caliber "Burst Photo" Camera App has the potential to move the needle !

And Photosets is The Only One !

OK, but why ONLY "Burst Photo" Camera Apps ?

In theory, it could be ANY Extreme Performance CPU-based App, but in practice, ONLY a Burst Photo Camera App with a particular type of (High-Perf) Camera Engine Architecture is a credible & viable candidate.

Photosets is The Only One !

OK, but why precisely ?

UN-Discovered & Flagship-caliber "Burst Photo" Camera App.

Well-known apps have NO chance of moving the needle.

NON-Camera apps have NO chance of moving the needle.

ONLY Camera apps, & of that, ONLY "Burst Photo" Camera app with a particular type of (High-Perf) Camera Engine Architecture, have ANY real chance to move the needle.

NOT Rocket Science !

However, it is puzzling that Apple's App Store Mgmt is so Oblivious to the Obvious !

We believe Tim, Phil, & Matt, thought they were penalizing us, but turns-out, when the Apple Board starts investigating this, Tim, Phil, & Matt, may ALL be forced out !

Irrespective of that, once the General Public gets wind of Our Story, Tim, Phil, & Matt, may ALL be forced out !

The most puzzling this about ALL this is, why would Apple's Upper Mgmt put the company in such a predicament ?

Makes NO sense to us.

Clearly illustrates a "Lack of Basic Common Sense".

And that, will very-likely be The Reason the Board forces them out.

And BTW, we may decide NOT to submit an Amicus Brief, & instead publish an Open Letter to the Court in major U.S. newspapers.

That way the General Public can see it from the Get Go !

Our Proposed New Laws for the iOS App Store

1.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to disclose per-Category Revenue Numbers for (at least) the iOS App Store here in the States, & require them to do so at the end of each work week.

Also, that the per-week per-Category Reports should include what percentage was generated by the Top 10 Apps in each category, as well as what percentage of apps in each category generated NO revenue.

So, three columns of data per Category, reported by Apple every week.

This new law would force Apple to try to somewhat even-out the per-Category Revenue Numbers, so that the App Store isn't so dominated by Game Apps.

The Key Nugget from the Epic vs Apple court battle.

It proves, without a doubt, that Apple's "existing" App Store Mgmt isn't up to the task.

2.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to make an app's usage of the Apple-controlled Ratings Dialog transparent to App Developers.

At a MIN, specifying the per-Country OR per-Territory "requests" made by an app, as well as the number of times that iOS actually presented the Ratings Dialog when requested to do so.

Updating the information whenever an app is updated should be sufficient.

3.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to add three Settings Filters to its App Store App, so that Apple consumers, if they chose to do so, could filter-off certain types of content:

Game Apps

Apple Arcade Apps

Little Kid Apps

Filter-Off ALL apps that haven't been updated in the past three months

And very importantly, such filters should apply, at a MIN, to the follwing areas of Apple's App Store App: the "Today" tab, Search, Discover, & Suggested.

4.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to specify which apps were recommended as App of the Day more than once in ANY calendar year, as well as the dates that it occurred on for each app.

5.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to publicly disclose App Developer complaints.

6.) We are in favor of New Law that would require Apple to verify that there are in-deed App Store Editors.

We are 100% convinced there are NONE !

Specifically, that Tim, Phil, & Matt, have been making the Call on their own, strictly from a NON-Technical, Marketing perspective.

Internally, we frequently use the word Con Job to describe it.