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News Update : 9 PM Thursday, Oct 6th, 2022

FYI, we did NOT have time to complete the App Note today.

We plan to do so tomorrow.

Please scoll down for a Heads Up on the details.


News Update : 11:30 AM Thursday, Oct 6th, 2022

FYI, quick update to our earlier update.

Some numbers for Super Angels & Institutional Investors to consider:

300M (TAM) x $2.99 x 0.70 = $627.9M USD

That's what we believe Photosets' "immediate" potential is !

ALL we need is a Corp Partner that will enable us to circumvent Apple's "stranglehold on App Discovery" inside their tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store.

i.e., by helping us showcase what Photosets is capable of "outside of the App Store" !

Make NO mistake, outside of apps for the Young & the Dumb, Apple has very little pull even inside its own App Store.

And BTW, the General Public does NOT know that !

See our App Store Critics Corner webpage for some background info.

On a Side Note, Apple's cut of our success would be:

300M (TAM) x $2.99 x 0.30 = $269.1M USD

And that doesn't take into account increased enthusiasm for high-end iPhones & Mx-based Macs !

Both of which would be generated by the success of Photosets.

Is Tim Cook really the best person to be running Apple ?

Food for thought.


News Update : 9:30 AM Thursday, Oct 6th, 2022

Five things to announce:

1.) We've decided to pursue a $250K USD Business Loan with our Bank !

We plan to use it primarily for Marketing & Branding purposes.

And that does include documentation & video tutorials.

2.) We've limited Availability of Photosets to ONLY the iOS App Store here in the States.

Strictly a Business Decision, & strictly Our Call.

Note that we've also just reduced the price of Photosets' "Pro" IAP by half to ONLY THREE U.S. BUCKS.

See the table on our App Store Critics Corner webpage for our Total Addressable Market (TAM) estimates.

3.) We're stepping up our efforts to Partner with Google !

Note that we are also considering both Microsoft & Facebook/Meta.

And that we've haven't completely ruled-out Twitter.

Note also that Apple is NOT a credible OR viable Partner Option for us.

If you know Our Story, you know why.

There is NO way to sugar coat it, Tim Cook is one very messed up Dude !

4.) We plan to release our first-ever App Note, titled "Crack of the Bat," later today.

5.) Over the last 90 days, Photosets has ONLY had 85 new downloads, but has had 39K updates !


News Update : 9:30 AM Wednesday, Oct 5th, 2022

FYI, quick follow-up to one of our News Updates of yesterday.

We've abandoned the idea of Partnering with Twitter.

Musk will very-likely take Twitter in a direction we simply do NOT want to go.

We've decided, a Partnership with Google would be a much better fit.

So that's what we're now gonna pursue.

Also, Google has technical expertise, Twitter very-likely does NOT.

With the addition of a back-end HSPX-based distribution network, Photosets could compete Head On with TikTok, Instagram, & Snapchat.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, HSPX is our custom container file format.

It enables Photosets to package Photos & Videos into one file for easier distribution.

Years ago, we tried to make it work with Apple's Messages Extension framework, but after many months of trying, we were forced to give up due to an iOS restriction when receiving HSPX files.

Since then, we've RE-tasked the relevant code to support App Group-based content sharing with our macOS app, Photosets TV/Studio.

Which BTW, enables running Photosets' multi-scene A/V-enabled Video Maker on an Apple Silicon Mac !

And which BTW, would very-likely be All the Rage if Apple had just some "App Discovery" competiton.

See the what's new descriptions for v10.0-v10.3 for the details.

Also, scroll down till you find "collaborative efforts".

That benefit will be a BIG part of our Marketing efforts.

Neither TikTok, Instagram, OR Snapchat offers anything similar !

And the ONLY reason most have never heard about it is because Apple has NO "App Discovery" competition.

Father, a rebellion has begun, under a Commoner named ... Photosets.

Help us break up Apple's "App Discovery" monopoly !


News Update : 8:30 AM Wednesday, Oct 5th, 2022

Two things to announce:

1.) If you're here for a Heads Up on Crack of the Bat, please scroll down to our 12:30 PM News Update from yesterday.

2.) We've decided to publish ALL of the details of what we refer to as "Phil's Bug".

i.e., the A11/A12 Performance Controller NEON Access Chip Bug, that could have been prevented if the man who runs Apple's iOS App Store hadn't suppressed Photosets.

Apple fixed the chip bug by the time they released their A13 chip, but never gave us any credit for its discovery, & never financially compensated us in any way.

In fact, even though Photosets has been Best-in-Class in its category for more than six years, Apple has never once recommended OR promoted it in their tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store.

And since late-Oct 2018, when we first discovered the chip bug, very-likely in-large-part because they don't want knowledge of Phil's Bug becoming Common Knowledge.

But also very-likely because Apple acquired a popular Burst Photo Camera App in late 2013, SnappyCam, & then did nothing with the technology OR application, & was subsequently Leapfrogged in both by us with Photosets.

So, even though Tim Cook's iPhones have continued to support & offer a "crap" Burst mode feature, & even though Photosets has been Light Years Ahead of ALL other Camera Apps in its category, Tim Cook's Apple has continued keep Cellular Service Provider Partners, App Store consumers & iPhones owners, & AAPL shareholders, in the dark.

NOT all bullies look like Trump & Putin !

But they ALL very-likely have one trait in common, they did NOT participate in ANY team sports when they were young.

The significance of that should NOT be UNDER-estimated.

Food for thought.

On a Side Note, we were very-likely the first App Developer to realize that Apple does NOT have ANY so-called App Store Editors covering the Photo & Video category.

That it's very-likely been Phil & Matt, the two NON-technical guys who run Apple's App Store, making the calls on their own.

More food for thought.

And BTW, once ALL this becomes Common Knoweldge, Apple will be forced to clean up its act.

And once that happens, Apple's Cellular Service Provider Partners, App Store consumers & iPhones owners, & AAPL shareholders, will ALL benefit.

We say it's time for the AAPL Board to force the resignation of "Insecure Tim," & speed-up the clean-up.


News Update : 7 PM Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2022

FYI, one more quick update.

Photosets' multi-scene A/V-enabled Video Maker supports "collaborative efforts".

Specifically, whenever the app's multi-scene A/V-enabled Video Maker is run on an Apple Silicon Mac, AND "AirDrop by Date" (with HSPX enabled) is used to transfer content from iPhones to the Mac.

And for this case, you'll (naturally) need to use our FREE companion macOS app, Photosets TV/Studio, which works in conjunction with Photosets, to move .hspx & .hspa files from your ~/Downloads folder into Photosets, & Video files crafted by Photosets out of the app & into your ~/Downloads folder.

It's based-upon the concept of App Group "content sharing".

See the what's new description for v10.0-v10.3 for additional details.

As a reminder, OR or those who are UN-aware, HSPX is simply Photosets' custom container file format.

Photosets "optionally" packages Burst Photo Sets into a container file, for more efficient file transfers.

.hspa files are simply the companion, concurrently captured Audio data files.

If you use "AirDrop by Date" (with HSPX enabled), ALL relevant Burst Photo Sets & Audio Data will be transferred in ONE AirDrop transaction !

As we've stated many times, if Apple had "App Discovery" competition, Photosets would be, without a doubt, a Household Name !

NO ONE needs to tell us that Tim Cook's tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store is catastrophically broken.

Photosets is (living) proof of that !

Ego & Insecurity, OR simply Technical & Applications Incompetence ?

It's one of the two that prevents Tim Cook's Apple from fixing it !

We've certainly done our job, now it's time for Tim Cook's Apple to do their job.

And BTW, we're confident Apple's Cellular Service Partners, Customers, & Shareholders would ALL appreciate it.

Tim, it's time to throw Phil under the bus.

And Yes Tim, the details of "Phil's Bug" will soon become common knowledge.

On a Side Note, it's Insight, Perseverance, & Intelligence that this small High-Tech company looks for.

NONE of which Tim Cook listed as traits Apple looks for.

Go Figure !


News Update : 12:30 PM Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2022

FYI, as you may OR may NOT know, Major League Baseball's wild card round kicks off on Friday.

As such, & because Photosets is the single best Camera App on the planet for baseball's "Crack of the Bat" application, we're gonna make a BIG push for it this week !

Including, making it the focus of our first-ever App Note !

BTW, if Apple had "App Discovery" competition, this application would very-likely have been one of the most popular uses of the iPhone over the Summer !

Until the App Note is released, here is a Heads Up on how to properly configure Photosets for this application.

Long Press Shutter

Enable concurrent Audio Capture

Enable Fast Back2Back Capture

(optional) Enable 4K60 Capture

When enabled, the capture duration is reduced by half, which "may" make it more difficult for some to capture what they want.

OK to go with 4K at 30 fps if that's the case.

Configure the Camera Settings dialog per the 4th screenshot

While Photosets supports both Landscape & Portrait orientation capture, for this application, we highly-recommend capturing in Portrait orientation

Also, if possible, we recommend practicing on a baseball game on TV

That will enable you to get the (Shutter) timing down

Use the app's multi-scene A/V-enabled Video Maker to craft your Videos

You will need either the "Pro" OR "Pro Sub" IAP to capture more than "24" photos per set


News Update : 11 AM Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2022

FYI, quick update regarding Photosets v10.6.

It was Approved & is now, OR will soon be, Available via the App Stores in ALL Five of the Top Five Economies on the planet.

Here in the States, plus China, Japan, Germany, & the U.K.

And naturally, anyone who has ANY of the previous versions can update to v10.6, regardless as to whether they are in one of those five countries.

Also, the Camera's "Wide 2x" mode is now supported & offered on ALL four members of the iPhone 14 family, plus the 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max.

BTW, we're NOT done with Wide 2x support on the 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max.

We've got an additional mode that we want to add in.

14 Pro & 14 Pro Max


Ultra Wide











13 mm


24 mm


48 mm


77 mm

Pixel Size

1.4 um

2.44 um

1.22 um


1.0 um

Best for
Burst Photo





Best for
Burst Photo



(1) 2nd-generation sensor-shift optical image stabilization

(2) Highest-quality Apple has ever offered in the standard 50 mm range !

(3) For example, Sea World's Fireworks shows, & Female Burst Photo Modeling along the shoreline in the late-afternoon here in San Diego.


News Update : 9:30 AM Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2022

Two things to announce:

1.) Photosets v10.6 is now "In Review".

As such, it could get Approved & Released later today.

2.) If Musk does in-deed acquire Twitter, we're gonna propose a Partnership.

The combination of Photosets for producing content & Twitter for distributing content, would be a viable contender to TikTok, Instagram, & Snapchat.


The Technology & Applications Leader in A/V Burst Photo Sets

Cosmosent Labs, Inc.

La Jolla, California

Twitter: Photosets@PhotosetsCamera



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Downloads: 49.9K WW, 13.6K In the States

Updates: 916K WW, 496K In the States

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