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Please don't automatically discount what we're up to, could be 1849 all over again !

And it could start on Dec 9th !


News Update : 11 AM Sunday, Dec 5th, 2021

FYI, just as we promised on Friday, we've now Kicked Off our effort to Build-up a Grassroots Coalition !

Please see our App Store Critics Corner webpage.


FYI, if you do a Google search for "Burst Photo App" what will you get ?

Mostly hits from early Jan 2014 for Apple's SnappyCam acquisition !

As you know, it's now almost 2022 !


FYI, today, Sunday, Dec 5th, we're using our App Store Critics Corner webpage as a Placeholder for our Amicus Brief, which is now back on.


FYI, with the Release of v9.19, Photosets is now well-positioned to become the first-ever
De Facto Burst Photo Camera App !

Here are the key selling points:

Flagship-level Features & Capabilities !

High-Performance & Rock Solid Operation on ALL "11," "12," & "13" iPhones !

The Base version of the app is FREE !

The app has a single, One-Time Purchase IAP !

The app does NOT track you, & does NOT have ANY ads !

If you like High-Performance & Rock Solid, this Update is for You !

Photosets is well-positioned to lead the ALL-important & imminent "Renaissance of App Discovery" !


PDF version of the User Guide

Burst Photo Camera

+ Innovative A/V On-the-Fly & Multi-Scene Burst Video Makers !

A rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the early days of the 2016 iPhone 7+ !

"High-Precision" Full-Res 12 Mpx Capture @ 30 fps !

Perfect OR near-Perfect cycle-to-cycle Timing Performance !

(iOS App Store here in the States)

Key STATs (June 10, 2015 - Dec 5, 2021):

# of Approved App Updates:  300+






Here in the States