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News Update : 2:30 PM Sunday, Feb 5th, 2023

FYI, today we are announcing that in addition to our already planned Local Grass Roots strategy, we've prioritized Marketing campaigns for YouTube & Twitter.

OK on YouTube, but why also Twitter ?

Because we believe Musk will soon see the widsom of Partnering with us.

Twitter is in a dire financial state.

The combo of Photosets for producing content & Twitter for distributing it, has the potential to compete Head On with TikTok.

What is Twitter worth today ?

Probably 1/3 of what Musk paid.

What is TikTok worth today ?

(Slightly) More than what Musk paid for Twitter.

And BTW, we'll be using the same format for ALL three, a Short-Form, Multi-Scene Video paired with ONE cherry-picked Fave Photo (from the Sets that make up the Video).

And BTW, 60-scene Videos, the Max # supported by Photosets, correlates to 2.5-minute Durations.

Inside Apple's tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store, there is NO way for us to circumvent Apple's "Stranglehold on App Discovery".

We've tried over the years & have had NO success.

But outside (we believe) there certainly is !

At least here in the States, Photosets should (already) be a Household Name.

It is NOT ONLY Best-in-Class in the Burst Photo Camera App category, but is ALSO Light Years Ahead of ALL other Camera Apps in its category.

Irrespective of its current status, we believe Photosets can become a Household Name (Worldwide) on ANY given day.

And in the process, we hope to make it Crystal Clear to most that Apple's App Store isn't just catastrophically-broken, but is in-deed, a Con Job.

Apple should be Recommending & Promoting the Best Apps to "our mutual customers," irrespective of whether ANY app has Leapfrogged them in Technology & Applications support.

We believe ONLY ONE Prime Example is needed to convince the DoJ & Congress that Apple does in-deed have a Monopoly.

And Make NO Mistake, Photosets is that Prime Example.

We're about the make history Boys & Girls !

And Make NO Mistake, we are NOT going to let Tim Cook "Off the Hook".

He is afterall, the Captain of Apple's ship.


News Update : 7 PM Saturday, Feb 4th, 2023

FYI, we've been Asked & have Agreed, to modify our upcoming Photosets' Skills Challenge so that there are two options:

Twist (original; last-half of the Rotation is the most important)

Hair Flip (new)

And participants can certainly combine the two.

As a reminder, for the Skills Challenge, you'll need to configure Photosets' Camera for either 4K30 or 4K60 capture.

If using the Base version of the app, you can capture up-to "24" 4K photos per set.

i.e., 0.8-sec duration if 4k30, OR 0.4-sec duration if 4K60.

If using Photosets with Photosets+, you can capture up-to "75" 4K photos per set.

i.e., 2.5-sec duration if 4k30, OR 1.25-sec duration if 4K60.

Also, if using Photosets with Photosets+, we highly-recommend you enable concurrent Audio capture.

You can always decide "later" whether to use it OR NOT.

i.e., when crafting your Short-Form, Multi-Scene Videos.

And BTW, we'll be holding Try Outs for our open 10-15 Photosets Ambaassador positions in the Near Future here in La Jolla (ON GOOD WEATHER DAYS).

That's where our custom Shoreline Monopod comes into play.

To our knowledge, it's the planet's ONLY Monopod (OR Tripod) that can be used in water.

Specifically, up to about 2 feet.

Also, as we've stated before, ANYBODY could have Made a Name for Themselves using Photosets' existing Features & Capabilities !

To date, that clearly has NOT happened.

And Make NO Mistake, we are NOT going to let Tim Cook "Off the Hook".

He is afterall, the Captain of Apple's ship.


News Update : 9 AM Saturday, Feb 4th, 2023

FYI, a few months back we were describing in detail how we believe Photosets has two Total Available Markets (TAMs).

A very small one of UN-known size inside Apple's tightly-controlled, "curated" App Store, & a much larger one, that we estimate to be 300M (Users) in size, outside of Apple's App Store.

Today, we've decided to resurrect that & move-forward with it as "a key component" of our updated Marketing & Business Development strategy.

For starters, as a reminder, Apple's App Store has NO "App Discovery" competition.

That's the #1 problem with the App Store.

And, Apple has Full Control of the ALL-important In App Ratings dialog, & provides NO transparency of its use by iOS to App Developers.

That's the #2 problem with the App Store.

Combined, Apple has a structure in place to Fully Control the Narrative.

And that includes the ability to Cover Up Chip Bugs (e.g., "Phil's Bug") & suppress an entire app category (e.g., Burst Photo Camera Apps) whenever they deem it necessary !

Also as a reminder, the three men who run Apple's App Store, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, & Matt Fischer, have NO Engineering OR Software Deveopment experience.

And, at least in the Photo & Video category, the one category we know well, Phil & Matt have very-likely been "playing" App Store Editor.

i.e., we don't beleive there are any "real" App Store Editors in the photo & video category, just Phil & Matt "faking it" & "pretending to be".

For some UN-known reason, ALL the so-called Pro Stock Analysts who cover AAPL for a living don't seem to know very much about Apple.

They ALL appear to be 1st-order Analysis Analysts !

That was on Full Display on Feb 2nd on CNBC (for Dummies) !

OK, so where are you going with ALL this ?

We believe the time is right to Fire "more than just" a Warning Shot Across Apple's Bow.

We believe the time is right for us to Lead the Charge to Break Up Apple's App Store monopoly !

Simply put, it's time for us to Punch Back !

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, we were the ONLY App Dev to "officially" Object to Apple's CY2022 $100M USD App Dev Settlement Agreement.

We objected on the grounds that the Settlement Agreement was both flawed & insufficient.

The judge presiding over the case stated that our objection was "without Merit".

But she was just plain wrong !

One does NOT need to be a Rocket Scientist to know that Apple's App Store focuses on & is obsessed on Apps for the Young & the Dumb.

But one does need to have some relevant experience to know the reasons behind it.


Important Notes:

Photosets runs on both your iPhone & on your Apple Silicon Mac !

Capture on your iPhone, "AirDrop by Date" (with HSPX enabled) to your Mac, & then craft Short-Form, multi-scene Videos, with up-to "60" Video Scenes, on your Mac !

You'll need to use our FREE companion macOS app for Photosets, Photosets TV/Studio, available ONLY via this website, to make it work.

Photosets TV/Studio supports & offers custom App Group-based content sharing !

There are two main benefits:

Enables you to Offload your Burst Photo Sets & their companion Audio data from your iPhone.

i.e., after "AirDrop by Date" (with HSPX enabled), you can use app's "Delete by Date" feature (& using the same date) to delete your photo sets & their companion Audio data.

When the Video Maker is run on a Mac, it becomes a "Multi-User" solution.

i.e., you can craft Videos from content captured by multiple Users.

When running Photosets on an Apple Silicon Mac:

You can now scroll thru your Burst Photo Sets via the Mechanical Keyboard's "Up Arrow" & "Down Arrow" keys !

Specifically, there are two places in the app where we're added this new support:

1.) The Home View's "Photo Set Navigator".

This is where you vertically scroll thru your burst photo sets.

2.) The Video Maker's "Photo Set Navigator".

This is where you "select the order" of the Video Scenes that are used to make a Video.

Please note that you MUST place the "curser" (from either the Trackpad OR the Mouse) above the relevant "vertical" UIScrollView implementation for it to take affect.

That's because the implementation uses two UIHoverGestureRecognizers, one for the Home View's "Set Navigator" & one for the Video Maker's "Set Navigator", as a Safety Net.


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