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Enthusiasm for Camera Applications & Use-Cases is what drives most iPhone Upgrade Cycles.

So why then did Apple neglect the third-party Burst Photo Camera App category ? ...

If you know Our Story, you'll know the answer to that question.

On a Side Note, for each of us here at Cosmosent Labs, Inc., our CCW is a G34.

And naturally, for each of us, with upgraded parts (i.e., sights, triggers, & guide rods).

We mention this for a number of reasons, one of which is that we're working on a Target Scoring Benchmark (for the Military, LE, & Civilian markets).


News Update : 5:30 PM (La Jolla-time) Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FYI, we've been Asked & have Agreed, to provide a Hint regarding our earlier "select" Corporate Partnerships news update.

Here it is:

Everyone who has Photosets on their iPhone can potentially Make a Name for Themselves !

We'll be doing the same !


News Update : 10 AM (La Jolla-time) Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FYI, today we are announcing that we're moving forward with "select" Corporate Partnerships.

You should see evidence of this by month's end.


News Update : 9 AM (La Jolla-time) Monday, April 15, 2024

Ask yourself, Who is most responsible for Apple's catastrophically-broken iOS App Store ?

And by that we mean NOT just Apple's App Store focus & obsession on apps for the Young & the Dumb, but ALSO leaving more than $113B USD of high-end iPhone revenue on the table over the years.

Is it Tim Cook ?, OR is it Phil Schiller ?

OR are others just as responsible ?

If you know "Our Story," you know we've been trying to educate both high-end iPhone owners & AAPL shareholders that Apple's App Store Mgmt Team has NO Engineering OR Software Development experience, & NO "Camera App" Domain/Application/Use-Case expertise.

And that that ALSO holds true for every member of Apple's Board.

Today, we're gonna add CNBC & the so-called expert Pro Stock Analysts who cover AAPL for a living who routinely show-up on CNBC.

Two naturally immediately come to mind, Ives & Munster.

The gist, when Our Story begins to become Common Knowledge, it won't just be Tim & Phil & the AAPL Board, but also CNBC & some of their "guests" who will have some serious explaining to do.

As a reminder, it's Enthusiasm for Camera Applications & Use-Cases that drives most iPhone Upgrade Cycles.

So why then did Apple neglect the third-party Burst Photo Camera App category ?

If you know Our Story, you'll know the answer to that question.

Photos on one end, Videos on the other end, & Burst Photos, preferably captured with High-Precision Timing, in the middle.

Over the years Apple has done an A- job with Photos, an A+ job with Videos, but completely Dropped the Ball with Burst Photos & their Applications & Use-Cases.

It's time for Tim Cook & Phil Schiller to Fess Up to the Cover Up, & Move Forward.

The longer it goes the BIGGER the Black Eye will be for Apple.


News Update : 9:30 AM (La Jolla-time) Saturday, April 13, 2024

FYI, we plan to wrap-up Photosets' Target Scoring Benchmark feature by day's end tomorrow.

Once released, perhaps as an integral part of the yet-to-be-released Pro+ Sub IAP, we plan to pitch it to the Military, LE, & Civilians here locally in San Diego.

See the relevant table below.

On a side note, we estimate Photosets' UN-tapped financial potential to be significantly more than ANY other third-party UN-Discovered Gem App in Apple's entire tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store (monopoly).

If Steve Jobs was still running Apple, Photosets wouldn't be an UN-Discovered Gem, it would be a Household Name, at least here in the States.

We are 100% convinced of that !

Tim Cook's App Store is obsessed with apps for the Young & the Dumb.

That's NOT Photosets !

Make NO mistake, both AAPL shareholders & high-end iPhone owners have been cheated out of their respective benefits because of Apple's App Store monopoly.


Cosmosent Labs, Inc.

La Jolla, California

Twitter: Photosets@PhotosetsCamera

(Mostly our Founder & CEO, Steven W.)



Dual-Engine Flagship-caliber Burst Cam

Premium High-Perf, "High-Precision" (Timing) Burst Photo Camera


"collaborative" Short-Form, 60-scene, 2.5-minute Video Maker
(with Rock Solid A/V Sync) !

Tech Specs Table #1

Tech Specs Table #2

Photosets support by Tier

iOS App Store here in the States

Key STATs (June 10, 2015 - April 16, 2024):

Downloads: 50.0K World, 13.7K In the States

Updates: 988K World, 536K In the States

# of App Review Approvals:  391






Here in the States






Photosets v10.28+

(table last updated 10 AM Tues, April 16, 2024)




Application / Use-Case

& Collect
Training Data


General Purpose
Burst Photo
Camera App

Capture Duration)


Short Form,



Target Scoring Benchmark

App Store



(0.83 Sec.)

(0.83 Min.)





per Year

(1.67 Sec.)

(1.67 Min.)

In House



(2.5 Sec.)

(2.5 Min.)

(1) with Optional Concurrently Captured Audio data.

(2) Rock Solic A/V Sync support.

(3) Official Release is On Hold; we may NOT offer it to the General Public.



FYI, Photosets' 9-year R&D Anniversary was Sept 7th, 2023 !

Photosets made its Debut in the App Store on June 10th, 2015, & became a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App upon the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+, Apple's first true High-Perf iPhone & Apple's first iPhone with 3 GB of DRAM.

Note also that Photosets' App Store Ratings was Reset upon the Release of the v10.28 update (on Dec 25th).



Do you know the origin of Deferred Photo Processing ?

How about Zero Shutter Lag ?

Photosets has supported both since 2015 !

Apple ONLY since 9/18/23 !