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📌 Enthusiasm for Camera Applications & Use-Cases is what drives most iPhone Upgrade Cycles.

So why then did Apple neglect the third-party Burst Photo Camera App category ? ...

If you know Our Story, you'll know the answer to that question.

On a Side Note, for each of us here at Cosmosent Labs, Inc., our CCW is a G34.

And naturally, for each of us, with upgraded parts (i.e., sights, triggers, & guide rods).

We mention this for a number of reasons, one of which is that we're working on a Target Scoring Benchmark (for the Military, LE, & Civilian markets).


News Update : 6:30 AM (La Jolla-time) Sunday, May 19, 2024

FYI, one more thing to announce today.

We've been reading-up on the details of the latest court activities in the Epic vs. Apple trial, & we can say with confidence, the topics they are discussing are NO where close to fixing the problems.

The #1 problem is that Apple has NO "App Discovery" competition.

If they did, they would NOT have been able to intentionally suppress knowledge of the entire third-party Burst Photo Camera App "category," to Cover Up the A11/A12 Performance Controller NEON Access Chip Bug, aka "Phil's Bug," which is nicknamed after the Half-Wit Schiller, because if he had done his job, he could have prevented the Chip Bug in the first place.

And if that had happened, Apple would NOT have felt compelled to intentionally suppress knowledge of an entire Camera App "category" to Cover Up knowledge of the Chip Bug.

And if that had happened, Apple would NOT have left more than $100B USD of high-end iPhone revenue on the table over the years, due to the fact that iPhone Upgrade Cycles (i.e., customer purchases) have been longer than they could have & should have been.

Which BTW, is something we brought to Apple's attention about two years ago.

And BTW, we're sure Apple doesn't want that information becoming Common Knowledge.

Simply put, it proves that a Bean Counter (i.e., Cook) & a Half-Wit (Schiller) shouldn't be running the ONLY iOS App Store on the planet.

Both high-end iPhone owners & AAPL shareholders have missed-out on their respective benefits because of the actions of Cook & Schiller.

OK, what's the solution ?

Apple needs "App Discovery" competition !

We propose that ten new third-party App Stores be created here in the States, using an innovative twist on the Public Utility structure.

And that's in addition to Apple keeping their existing App Store.

Furthermore, we propose a brand-new Commission Structure for those third-party App Stores, one that will encourage a healthy, competitive environment, much like Pro Sports here in the States.

Under our proposal, App Developers would ALL be acting as month-at-time Free Agents, free to pivot from one third-party App Store to another on a per-month basis, & in which the third-party App Stores would be incentivized to cut deals with App Developers.

And very specifically, App Developers could ONLY have their Apps in one third-party App Store at a time.

See the tail-end of this Court Doc for some background:

Court Doc


News Update : 5 AM (La Jolla-time) Sunday, May 19, 2024

FYI, just to be Crystal Clear, today we are announcing that we're prototyping our two Scalable Matrix Extension (SME) features with Apple's M4, but we (really) want to develop our own ARMv9 chip with SME support.

Ideally, a custom, low-cost ARMv9 processor with one Performance core & two Efficiency cores.

As a reminder, most members of the R&D Team here at Cosmosent Labs, Inc. have a BS in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obpiso, & studied Processor Design under Professor Michael Flynn at Stanford University.


Cosmosent Labs, Inc.

La Jolla, California

Twitter: Photosets@PhotosetsCamera

(Mostly our Founder & CEO, Steven W.)



Dual-Engine Flagship-caliber Burst Cam

Premium High-Perf, "High-Precision" (Timing) Burst Photo Camera


"collaborative" Short-Form, 60-scene, 2.5-minute Video Maker
(with Rock Solid A/V Sync) !

Tech Specs Table #1

Tech Specs Table #2

Photosets support by Tier

iOS App Store here in the States

Key STATs (June 10, 2015 - May 18, 2024):

Downloads: 50.0K World, 13.7K In the States

Updates: 988K World, 536K In the States

# of App Review Approvals:  391






Here in the States






Photosets v10.28+

(table last updated 1 PM, Saturday, May 18, 2024)




Application / Use-Case

& Collect
Training Data


General Purpose
Burst Photo
Camera App

Capture Duration)


Short Form,



Target Scoring Benchmark

App Store



(0.83 Sec.)

(0.83 Min.)





per Year

(1.67 Sec.)

(1.67 Min.)


In House



(2.5 Sec.)

(2.5 Min.)


(1) with Optional Concurrently Captured Audio data.

(2) Rock Solic A/V Sync support.

(3) Official Release is On Hold; we may NOT offer it to the General Public.



FYI, Photosets' 9-year R&D Anniversary was Sept 7th, 2023 !

Photosets made its Debut in the App Store on June 10th, 2015, & became a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App upon the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+, Apple's first true High-Perf iPhone & Apple's first iPhone with 3 GB of DRAM.

Note also that Photosets' App Store Ratings was Reset upon the Release of the v10.28 update (on Dec 25th).



Do you know the origin of Deferred Photo Processing ?

How about Zero Shutter Lag ?

Photosets has supported both since 2015 !

Apple ONLY since 9/18/23 !