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BREAKING NEWS : 9 AM (La Jolla-time) Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

FYI, today we've decided to work with our U.S. Justice Dept here in the States.

We can prove a certain company (i.e., Apple) has an "App Discovery" monopoly !

And that their actions cheated high-end iPhone owners & AAPL shareholders, as well as the shareholders of Apple's own Cellular Service Provider Partners, out of their respective benefits of the third-party Burst Photo Camera App "category".

If Apple had Fessed Up to the A11/A12 Performance Controller NEON Access Chip Bug, aka "Phil's Bug," named after the man who runs Apple's App Store, the Flagship-caliber Camera Apps in that category would have generated sufficient Domain/Application/Use-Case enthusiasm to Reduce iPhone Upgrade Cycles, perhaps significantly.

See the graph on our App Store Critics Corner webpage for a Heads Up.

Our recommendation to the Justice Dept is that Apple's App Store should become a Public Utility.

But NOT just a single store.

Competition is needed.

We recommend 15 stores spread across the U.S. (& controlled by the States), so that Apps are treated like Sports Free Agents.

On a side note, we believe Apple has both a Duty & a Responsibility to Recommend & Promote the Best Apps in each category.

But they don't do that.

Instead, they use their Power to Cover Up their Screw Ups.

Case in point, Phil's Bug.

And, because they didn't know ANY better, their actions resulted in leaving alot of Coin on the table.

As a reminder, Apple's App Store Mgmt Team (i.e., Tim, Phil, & Matt) has NO Engineering OR Software Development experience, & NO Camera App Domain/Application/Use-Case expertise.

Go Figure !


News Update : 6:30 PM (La Jolla-time) Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

FYI, as you very likely know, earlier today a rumor hit the wires that Apple had dropped its EV efforts, & just as importantly, had informed the 2K employees who had been working on it that they would be moving to Apple's AI division.

What the rumor didn't touch on, however, is that Apple's decision was very-likely based-upon Nvidia's recently-announced "Sovereign AI" strategy, something we had announced (this past Friday) that we had pivoted to.

Perhaps that's why we were able to quickly make the connection, while most others still haven't.

Regardless, anyone sufficiently Skilled in the Art should have NO problem making the connection.

The most-important thing to know about Tim Cook's Apple is that it is a Gross Margin Chaser.

Specifically, it will chase market opportunities where Gross Margins are potentially highest.

As such, Apple's decision to pivot away from EVs to Sovereign AI is really NO different than our strategy to pivot away from Apple's App Store (monopoly) to Sovereign AI.

Food for thought.


News Update : 8 AM (La Jolla-time) Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

Two things to announce today:

1.) We've been Asked & have Agreed to specify precisely what we're currently working on:

Our newly-announced strategy aligned with Nvidia's Sovereign AI strategy (80%)

Rocket R&D (10%)

BMW Sports Sedan R&D (10%)

2.) We've reduced the price of the Base version of Photosets from $9 USD to $3 USD.


News Update : 7 AM (La Jolla-time) Monday, Feb 26, 2024

FYI, this morning we've been Asked & have Agreed to resurrect our "Rocket" Burst Photo Camera R&D project.

You can think of Rocket as a higher-performance version of Photosets, intended (primarily ?) for our newly-announced strategy aligned with Nvidia's new "Sovereign AI" strategy.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Photosets is the most-advanced & highest-performance Camera App in the history of smartphones.

We'll simply be porting it to custom hardware.

And BTW, even though Photosets has had little to NO success in Tim Cook's tightly-controlled, "curated" iOS App Store, it offers significant UN-tapped value for capturing & collecting custom "dynamic" AI/ML training data.


News Update : 8 AM (La Jolla-time) Friday, Feb 23, 2024

FYI, today we are announcing that we're now pursuing a strategy aligned with Nvidia's new "Sovereign AI" strategy.

It's basically an innovative twist on something we've already been working on.

And naturally for us it's related to "dynamic" AI/ML training data captured by Photosets.

The gist, rather than focus our Educational efforts on App Store consumers, we'll focus on Governments, where the Pay Back for success is significantly greater.

And BTW, if you know Our Story, you know we believe we are uniquely-positioned to Capitalize.

Details to follow.


Cosmosent Labs, Inc.

La Jolla, California

Twitter: Photosets@PhotosetsCamera

(Mostly our Founder & CEO, Steven W.)



Dual-Engine Flagship-caliber Burst Cam

Premium High-Perf, "High-Precision" (Timing) Burst Photo Camera


"collaborative" Short-Form, 60-scene, 2.5-minute Video Maker
(with Rock Solid A/V Sync) !

Tech Specs Table #1

Tech Specs Table #2

Photosets support by Tier

iOS App Store here in the States

Key STATs (June 10, 2015 - Feb 28, 2024):

Downloads: 50.0K World, 13.7K In the States

Updates: 985K World, 535K In the States

# of App Review Approvals:  391 !






Here in the States






Photosets v10.28+

(table last updated 6 AM Sat, Jan 20, 2024)




Application / Use-Case


General Purpose
Burst Photo
Camera App

Capture Duration)

& Collect
Training Data

Short Form,


App Store



(0.83 Sec.)

(0.83 Min.)




per Year

(1.67 Sec.)

(1.67 Min.)

In House



(2.5 Sec.)

(2.5 Min.)

(1) with Optional Concurrently Captured Audio data.

(2) Official Release is On Hold; we may NOT offer it to the General Public.



FYI, Photosets' 9-year R&D Anniversary was Sept 7th, 2023 !

Photosets made its Debut in the App Store on June 10th, 2015, & became a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App upon the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+, Apple's first true High-Perf iPhone & Apple's first iPhone with 3 GB of DRAM.

Note also that Photosets' App Store Ratings was Reset upon the Release of the v10.28 update (on Dec 25th).



Do you know the origin of Deferred Photo Processing ?

How about Zero Shutter Lag ?

Photosets has supported both since 2015 !

Apple ONLY since 9/18/23 !