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FYI, a few days ago, on Friday, Jan 14th, we received this via email:

Link to the Details

Notice the June 7th date, that's new news to us & we fully intend to Ask Permission to Speak !

We believe we can prove to the Court that Apple does in-deed have a Monopoly !

If successful, the entire settlement will be thrown out.

That's NOT really our goal.

Unfortunately, it's an ALL OR nothing proposition.

We intend to Object ONLY to the "NO Monopoly" clause in the settlement.

We'll be using Apple's late-2013 SnappyCam acquisition to help make our case.

Apple acquired SnappyCam in late-2013, did nothing with the Technology OR the Application, & was subsequently Leapfrogged in both by us with Photosets.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Photosets has been a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the early days of the 2016 iPhone 7+ !

Yet, to date, has received NO love from Apple in their "curated" iOS App Store.

In fact, to our knowledge, Apple has NOT recommended OR promoted ANY similar third-party apps since their late-2013 SnappyCam acquisition.

From our perspective, we believe it's fair to say that Photosets is what SnappyCam could have become.

Also, & very importanntly, Apple has Full Control of the In-App Ratings Dialog, & provides NO transparency to App Developers on its use.

In other words, Apple has a mechanism in-place to (secretly) suppress whichever apps they choose.

Cleary that needs to change !

Why the Agreed-upon settlement doesn't include a fix for that is extremely puzzling !

Also, & very importantly, we'll (also) be using our Timmy app, the ONLY per-Qtr, per-Device iPhone Unit Sales Estimator App on the planet, to help make our case.

As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Timmy had been Available in the iOS App Store from May 2018 till Sept 9th, 2019, the day BEFORE Apple's BIG iPhone announcement that year.

Apple pulled it from their "curated" iOS App Store on that day, & gave us a Total BS Reason for doing so !

Below is just a taste of the Important Insight that Timmy provided.


v3 of our custom "Reported iPhone Revenue" Graph

(click on it to view the 4K Res version)


If you're looking for a "specialty" Burst Photo Camera App, with innovative A/V Sync & Video Maker capabilities, you've come to the right place ! ...

Photosets is well-positioned to become the planet's first-ever
De Facto Burst Photo Camera App !

Here are the key selling points:

Highest-Performance & ONLY "High-Precision"
Burst Photo Camera App in the history of smartphones

Flagship-level Features & Capabilities !

Rock Solid Operation on ALL "11," "12," & "13" iPhones !

The app does NOT track you, & does NOT have ANY ads !

ONLY Burst Photo Camera App with On-the-Fly & 60-Scene Video Makers !

ONLY Burst Photo Camera App with support for "concurrently" capturing Audio when capturing Burst Photos, & automatically A/V syncronizing them to +- 1 ms !

ONLY Burst Photo Camera App with ProRes 422 HQ Burst Capture support !


Burst Photo Camera

+ Innovative Maker A/V Sync !

A rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera App since the early days of the 2016 iPhone 7+ !

(iOS App Store here in the States)

Key STATs (June 10, 2015 - Jan 17, 2022):

# of Approved App Updates:  300+






Here in the States





PDF version of the User Guide

The following summarizes the Camera's Capture differences WRT the Power User IAP.

It ALL starts with "High-Precision" Capture:

Full-Res 12 Mpx @ 30 fps !

4K @ 30-60 fps !

8 Mpx @ 30 fps !

High-Precision = Perfect OR near-Perfect cycle-to-cycle Timing Performance !

Capture Resolution

Base version of app

With the Power User IAP

Max # of
Burst Photos
per Set

Max Duration


Max # of
Burst Photos
per Set

Max Duration


12 Mpx










8 Mpx





iPhones with 6 GB of DRAM have "extended" 4K capture support.