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BREAKING NEWS : 7 AM (La Jolla-time) Thursday, June 20, 2024

FYI, today, First of Summer 2024, we are announcing that we've decided to RE-prioritize our upcoming "Trump TV" app on the urgent need for a new Amendment to our U.S. Constitution, to curb Govt Spending !

Neither Biden OR Trump can be trusted to Fix the National Debt problem.

And that also certainly holds true for Congress.

What's needed is something that will Force both the next U.S. President & Congress to get their act together.

Via our upcoming "Trump TV" app, we will be proposing a New Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will force elected officials to get the National Debt to a more-manageable $29T USD, & to do so within five years.

OK, so what prompted this today ?

Two things, the CBO's latest analysis on the problem, that came out just a day OR two ago, & a Poll we saw earlier today on CNN that, like ALL Polls we see, never mention the National Debt problem.

Go Figure !

And BTW, as a reminder, we own the iOS rights to "Trump TV".

Initially, we had envisioned it as a Tool to try to keep select politicians as honest as possible.

Now, it will be more focused on trying to help fix just one major problem.

Which BTW, if NOT fixed soon, will sink us as a nation.

If you like, you can help our cause by Rating & Reviewing our (now FREE) Photosets app, which will help put visibility on our "Trump TV" efforts.


📌 FYI, the App Store version of Photosets is a scaled-down version of the same app we're using In House, to build a multi billion dollar AI & ML company ! ...

Specifically, we're using the 2x & 3x Capture-Duration versions of Photosets to Capture & Collect "Dynamic" ML Training Data.

And BTW, we believe we're the first company with such a strategy.

📌 Photosets v10.30+

(released Mon, June 17, 2024)

The most-important thing to know is that longer capture durations support more Applications/Use-Cases, & that having longer Capture-Duration support makes it easier for beginners to capture what they intend.

However, that doesn't mean the 1x Capture-Duration version isn't worth its weight in gold.

Simply put, the 1x Capture-Duration version "punches far above its weight class," & especially for how we've got it priced.

(table last updated 7 AM, Thurs, June 20, 2024)




High-Precision Timing
Burst Photo Capture


Multi View Capture


Collect "Dynamic" ML
Training Data

8 Mpx

(30 fps)


(30-60 fps)

12 Mpx

(30 fps)


(App Store version)








(In House version #1)






(In House version #2)





(1) The ONLY feature NOT included in the 1x Capture-Duration version is Multi View Capture (MVC).


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High-Precision Timing Burst Photo Camera


Short-Form, 60-scene Video Maker (with Rock Solid A/V Sync support) !

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