From our News Update Archive:

(August 31, 2020)

If Apple had recommended Photosets even as late as early-2017, the A11/A12 Performance Controller Chip Bug would very-likely have NEVER happened !

It is our very strong opinion that Phil Schiller deserves ALL of the blame for that screw-up !

For those who don't know, Apple fixed the bug in the A13, making the 7+ & the three 2019 iPhones the ONLY true High-Performance iPhones !

Those in the middle have what we refer to as the "Phil Schiller Chip Bug" !

Very specifically, if Photosets hadn't (simply) been an UN-Discovered Gem App in early 2017, Apple's R&D very-likely would have used it to stress test their A11 design !

And in the process of doing so, would have discovered what we ultimately discovered the first day we tested our first 2018 iPhone XR !

Also, & very specifically here, the Chip Bug made it through two generations of Apple's A-series processors.

Note that we did NOT buy any of the 2017 iPhones.

We had NO reason to believe that a Performance-Crippling Chip Bug was even a remote possibility !

Need Proof ?

Apple had been touting fancier & fancier Performance Controller designs in their A-series processors, starting with the A11, & then at the A13, NO mention of it at all.

Anybody can do a Google search & confirm this.

So What Happened ?

They forgot to test a particular case.

Was it a Corner Case ?

NOT to us, it's at the very core of Photosets' Camera Capture Pipeline !

How did you deal with it ?

We were forced to throttle-down the Capture Performance of A11 & A12-based iPhones & iPads.

NO changes were necessary for A10 & earlier A-series processors, OR for A13 & later A-series processors.

Just for the A11 & A12.

When Apple released the A14, we removed the Governor that had been throttling A11 & A12 processors.

Why did you do that ?

We (naturally) assumed that Apple would Fix the Issue in subsequent revs of the A11 & A12.

And by then, we figured they had plenty of time to do so.

Is there ANY way to test whether the Fix is In ?

Absolutely, Photosets includes a Benchmark Mode precisely for this reason !

Has ANY other App Dev Discovered the Problem ?

NOT to our knowledge.

How do you explain that ?

ONLY Burst Photo Camera Apps that have the same Camera Capture Pipeline as Photosets would encounter it.

Clearly there are NONE !

Last but NOT least, did Apple ever compensate Cosmosent Labs, Inc. in ANY way ?

Nope !

(We think it's ONLY fair that we now get "Ownership" of the first third-party "App Discovery" App Store.)